Logtek AS was founded in 1997 in Stavanger, Norway as an independent Log Analysis Company. At this time there was a huge lack of high quality and well-organized wellbore data, and the need for a dedicated company that could provide these services were essential.

The Founders of Logtek AS started with several successful in-house cleanup projects for Norway's largest oil company. The experience from these projects combined with highly qualified and dedicated personnel has become the cornerstone of today's Logtek AS.

Since 1997 we have gained a significant experience and knowledge within:

  • Log quality control and reporting to the national data repository (Diskos NDR).

  • Data management

  • Petrophysical interpretation (open and cased hole)

  • Waveform sonic processing

  • Wellbore data standardization

  • Well log digitizing

  • Consultant services

Today we are 20 employees with the right experience, knowledge and attitude having backgrounds from geology, reservoir, geophysics, petrophysics and petroleum engineering. Our current team is a blend of specialized skills based on many years in the logging business (wireline and MWD/LWD data acquisition), analytical environments and close teamwork with the operators. We actively contribute in improving the quality control and reporting of wellbore data in the norwegian continental shelf as members of the Bluebook working group (Diskos NDR). We also share our knowledge with the global organization Energistics focusing on well log standardization.

Our aim is to:

  •  Perform an efficient, accurate and independent quality control and reporting of well data.

  •  Focus on securing all relevant data and increasing the quality of information available

  •  Release time to our clients G&G personnel

  •  Save future costs in terms of the need for organizing well data and reducing unitization costs

Logtek is the leading company in Norway within quality control and reporting of well data. Today, we deliver these services to all oil companies operating in Norwegian continental shelf. In addition, we deliver services to non-operating oil companies in Norway as well as international oil companies. Our goal is to expand internationally since we see a growing interest from International customers that have captured the advantages and benefits of performing an independent log quality control and to organize and store data according to a predefined standard.

Data and IT security is a central element in our organization. We are using a state of the art high capacity storage system utilizing redundancy. We have a strong focus on backup (on-site and off-site), data duplication and data security. We follow the ISO 27000 standard and have implemented policies according to this.

Based on our long experience we have developed highly efficient software solutions and methods in order to meet our customers’ needs and also to maintain and improve our performance and the high quality services and products we are offering.

Our internal developed software:

  • Virtual Light Table (VLT): QC of wellbore data (visually comparing field prints and digital logs)

  • Log Data Manager (LDM): Wellbore data reporting, file renaming and auto-generation of info and summary files based on file content

  • DLIS/LIS/LAS/WITSML/SPWLA Editor: Log file correction, with no changes in the original file structure

  • Wellbore Data Overview (WDO): Providing realtime overview and tracking of wellbore data

  • Log Studio: Includes the above modules in addition to advanced real-time well data communication and interpretation capabilities

The above mentioned services and software solutions are provided by Logtek AS in association with highly qualified and dedicated team members from the sister companies Petroware AS, Petroprod AS and Petroscience AS.


Our philosophy and vision is that "Value creation is achieved through increasing the client’s information value".