Logtek AS has a very strong focus on data quality and management. To have the high quality-assured data available when it is needed, it's crucial to have a well organized and easy accessible database. We provide a full range of management services, using our internally developed software for:

  • DLIS/LIS/LAS/SEG-Y reading

  • Organizing all data and reports in predefined folder structures based on data types (Log Data Manager).

  • Tracking and providing overview of all data and reports (WDO).

  • Complete reporting to authorities (Diskos NDR) and clients.

  • Clean-up projects, in-house or remote

Data handling including:

  • Connect to any WITSML server and upload/download standard data types

  • Download real-time streamed data from any WITSML server

  • Convert/open/read most data types:


    • time-based data to a readable format matching any WITSML server

    • standard data types to WITSML and vice versa

    • Non-digitized data (Pdf, Excel tables, etc.) to standard data types

    • Old style formats and partially corrupt files (LTI, PDF, TIF, etc)

    • Media (tape, cd/dvd)

We perform data management services from in-house to remote/client office. Final QC data can be loaded secure and efficient from Logtek's office into clients database(s). 

These services provide added values and releasing time to our clients in form of efficient working processes, less time used on tracking data, resulting in reduced costs and faster decision making.

Logtek has established a very powerful and efficient organisation to handle large volumes of data without compromizing the quality of the final product.

"Converting data into information which will be used for decision making is vital.'"