Logtek AS provides well log digitizing of wellbore data in order to prepare and make the wellbore data available digitally. Old well data are important for optimizing the value of the internal databases, by digitizing these data our clients are able to:

  • Verify, validate and store

  • Make the data available for all assets

  • Provide an edited and spliced log curves for G&G projects

We are capable of digitizing the following data types:

  • Wellbore data:

    • Drilling and drilling fluid data (Mudlog & time based) 

    • Wireline and LWD/MWD logging data

    • Pressure data (DTS, WFT & MDT)

    • Core data (RCAL & SCAL)

    • Lithology (capturing and texts) and position logs

    • Production data

  • Wellheader/meta data

  • Media & formats:

    • Paper, Tape & film

    • Optical scans (PDF, JPG, TIFF)