Logtek provides well log digitizing of wellbore data using NeuraLog software in order to

  • Prepare the wellbore data to a known standard
  • Make the wellbore data available digitally

Logtek is capable of digitizing the following data types:

Wellbore data:

  • Drilling and drilling fluid data (Mudlog & Time based) 
  • Wireline and LWD/MWD logging data
  • Pressure data (DTS, WFT & MDT)
  • Core data (RCAL & SCAL)
  • Lithology, Mud logs & Position logs
  • Production data

Cultural data:

  • Operator Company name, Spud date & Country name 
  • Location & Coordinates
  • Referance systems & reference level elevation 

Technical data:

  • Well & log Header data 
  • Logging Company, Tools and services
  • Wellbore name, bit size & casing shoe depth
  • Environmental corrections & logging remarks
  • Lithology capturing, Mud log curves & texts

Media & formats:

  • Paper, Tape & film
  • Optical scans (PDF, JPG, TIFF)

Data float (Why digitizing?)

  • Verification, validation & storage
  • Make the data available for the user
  • Editing & splicing of logging curves

Well Log Digitizing


Examples of Our work:

Original paperlog 

Digitized endproduct

Side by side comparison

Straighten Log:

Side by side comparison, stretched logs (left side) during scanning is straightened and normalized (right side) based on the depth axis and grids.

Lithology capturing, Mudlog (gas curve and text)

Side by side comparison, original left side and endresult right side